August 16, 2010

Singled Out

I saw an article from the CNN Website, talking about being single and how people around you, hound or nag you for it. Perplexed reactions toward your seemingly charming personality and still not getting any? Oh yes, the circumstances of being in your 30s or 40s and not quite living up to the normal timelines of family life or even a dating schedule to adjust to.

So the article says, when somebody approaches you with those "How can you still be single??" .... answer them with "It just hasn't happened yet."

I am not one to obsess over my single status. That is maybe why I haven't attracted any "male specie". Men I think have a capacity to sense if they're not needed. Like seeing a slightly shut door. Like the sign "Shhh...Quiet Please." Like other independent women out there, I don't do it intentionally. So I ponder what things can I do to NOT exude that I don't need a man?

Sadly, dating or wanting to a game. And if we want some action, like it or not, we need to play it. Look below for some valuable nuggets of  wisdom from a woman who was too lazy to do them....(LOL)

PLAY DUMB SOMETIMES. Don't act like you know everything. Ask for help. Ask for directions. Ask for assistance. If Men know you can wing it, then what would they be there for? Without looking like a total "needy" woman-person, sprinkle your persona with "not knowing" some things. Men love to feel knowledgeable and be able to help a damsel in distress - well sort of.

FLATTER THEN FLIRT. Learn to give out compliments. Acknowledge their little work stories of triumph. Notice his new hair, his nice outfit or how the stubbles fit his face. This works best for new acquaintances of course, but if you're fancying  your long-time drinking buddy - then that will probably work too. He may see you in a different light, and not just "one of the boys".

DON'T BE A SMUG, SMILE! Some women act like the world is their enemy. Stop complaining about the food, stop noticing the funny that girl walks, or maybe just stop being too opinionated? Right that is difficult right? Especially when we've spent our entire lives observing how life is and how people who dress or act funny becomes irritating to the eye. But for a while, be positive. Say something nice! Don't frown at things. Smile! Laugh about it instead. Negative words are a big turn off. A pleaser is a big turn on. 

DRESS UP! Dress like you want to attract a man. Wear something that shows a bit of skin. Make it short or show off your cleavage a bit. But if you don't have time to make that dramatic change, wear some luscious pink lips, NOT red, cause it comes off too strong and aggressive.

CHUCK YOUR CELL OUT. Seeing you with your 2-3 mobile phones during dinner signals them - "You are all work, work work." This makes men think you won't have time for anything else. Turn down your cellphone on silent while in a social setting and really talk to people. This shows how you're open to good conversation and possible "connection" without any distractions.

Does this help in any way?? Let me know. I think it helped me too. Like talking to myself and giving myself a bit of spanking, for being too self-abosrbed. 

While it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't hurt to imbibe some positive undertones of needing a man once in a while, to let the universe know you are ready for that somebody. What do you think girls? :)

August 13, 2010

When i see this

my favorite shot
Originally uploaded by banjgirl
to my untrained eye, i have captured it perfectly well.
it reminds me of what i once promised myself.
maybe this year, i can take as many pictures of things and people that move me, that intrigues me, that saddens me or better still, that gladdens me.

June 29, 2010

TALKIN' THE TALK (Nina mania entry, Nov. 2008)

As nurturing parents, we were taught to talk to our big bellies and have them listen to classical music, para matalino ang anak. I did the whole pregnancy routine with so much vigor - i now realize, i end up with a really talkative and inquisitive daughter. Not that i'm complaining but - boy, you could appreciate a bit of silence once in a while? Hehe. So i constantly warn "would-be" mom friends of mine, SLEEEEEP as much as you can, coz you will be having more sleepless nights after the baby's out.

Plus, you will never hear the end of the 'whys' and 'hows' and 'you know whats' from your growing kiddo. Just like what Nina did once, one quiet lazy morning.

Backgrounder. She has this habit of talking in mid-sentence (First thing when she wakes up) and right away to me, assuming MY brain cells are already wide awake as hers are. Somehow, kids Jeanina's age just have to get your attention, in REM stage or not. A loud statement blurted out, way before you could lift your eyelids

Latest funny incident happened yesterday morning. Super early morning setting. I squint my eyes but still sleepy ( just to check on the cute critter beside me)...then there she goes, she looks up as sleepily as I was and says with all readiness, "You know mom, teacher angie says papers and pencils are made out of trees." WOW trivia in the morning?? Really now. And trying to rouse from my slumber and utter a mommy word of acknowledgement, "oh yeah that's right babe!" under my breath and smiles to her. Pagtingin ko, natulog ulit??? (She went back to sleep??!!)

WAAHHH, natawa ako promise (that made me laugh). My tornado kid has a storm brewing in her brain, even in her sleep i guess? many LOLs.